Mature & Part-time Student Representative

A headshot of Olimpia looking forward at the camera smiling. The background is indistinct. Olimpia is wearing gold rimmed glasses sitting halfway down the bridge of the nose. Her head is slightly turned to the right. She has dirty blond, long hair hanging loosely down both sides of her head and over the shoulders covering them both including the chest area. Her hair is partially tucked behind the left ear covering it entirely. To the bottom, the picture cuts off just at the collarbone and at the top, it cuts off at Olympia's hairline.

Olimpia is a visual artist and a student of the Drawing and Painting program at OCADU. She is a mature student pursuing studies part time while enjoying a successful career as a Learning and Development Specialist. As a member of the OCADU Mature Student Collective group, she enjoys connecting with and supporting other mature students on their journey through art school. Her desire is to help create networking opportunities, establish support systems, and increase visibility of all mature and part time students at OCAD. In the summer, after work, she loves driving down to a local beach with her teenage daughter, bask in the late afternoon sun while writing in a journal.