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The OCAD Student Union would like to extend our support and deepest condolences to the people of Ukraine. We wholeheartedly condemn the ongoing occupation of Ukraine by the Russian military, and want to assure all of those impacted in our community that we are here for you. We acknowledge the devastating impact that this situation has on so many of our community members; and to our Ukrainian students, those who have family and friends affected by the war, and to any students who have experienced war and find the current situation to be impacting their wellbeing, please know that we stand with you.

We also want to draw attention to and strongly condemn the ongoing anti-Black racism we are witnessing at this time, as Black and African individuals attempting to flee the country are being held back at borders, denied access to transportation out of Ukraine, and are facing high levels of harassment when attempting to access their right to leave. We understand this can be very triggering for our Black student body, and encourage you to access any support available to you at this time.

Please prioritize your wellbeing, and don't be afraid to ask for extensions or support if you need them. Counselors can be accessed through the Student Wellness Centre and peer support is available through the keep.meSAFE app. Students who need additional support getting accommodations from their professors can also contact Khadija, our student advocate by emailing International students who may need support regarding permit extensions, visas, or other related concerns can contact the International Student Support Office at Additionally, we have compiled a collection of resources, including information on how to support Ukraine, sources of credible news for those who want to follow the ongoing events, external support resources for those impacted, and more. 

These resources can be found at or at the link in our Instagram bio.

Yours in support and solidarity,

The OCAD Student Union

How to support marginalized communities in Ukraine

How to support marginalized communities in Ukraine:

Paypal for Nigerians Leaving Ukraine:

A list of current exits for African Individuals leaving ukraine:

What is happening to Africans at the Ukraine-Poland border, and how can you help:

Resources for those looking to make donations/how to support Ukraine

List of places to donate in Ukraine: 

Ukraine Humanitarian Fund: 

International Committee of the Red Cross:

Nova Ukraine:

The ANHELYK (Angel) Foundation:

Paypal for Nigerians Leaving Ukraine:

Save The Children:

Meaningful ways to show solidarity with Ukraine:

List of Resources to help Ukraine:

Mental health resources 

Ukraine conflict: How to help yourself, your kids, and others:

Tips to Manage 'Headline Anxiety':

Good 2 Talk Ontario:

A list of mental health resources:

Information on the situation in Ukraine/Credible Sources:

Ukrainian Canadian Congress:

Immigration and refugee support: Embassy of Canada to Ukraine 

Ukraine Based Newspaper: The Kyiv Independent

How to spot and avoid spreading misinformation about Ukraine:

Support for Black Individuals

Black Community Resources:

Black Health Alliance Mental Health Services:

Black Youth Healthline:

Black Mental Health Week Events (Mar 7-11):

Taibu Community Health Centre:

Affordable/Free Mental Health Services

List of Free and Affordable Mental Health Services in Ontario:

List of Mental Health Resources: