The OCAD Student Union is an independent, democratically run student organization with approximately 5000 members, incorporated as a not‐for‐profit corporation. The OCAD Student Union operates a variety of programs and services on campus and virtually at OCAD University including access to: free legal services, student advocate, campus food bank, community drop­‐in lunch, student grants, social events, and workshops.The OCAD Student Union represents the best interests of all OCAD U Students to OCAD U administration and all levels of government. The OCAD Student Union represents the OCAD University student population within the Canadian Federation of Students, and within the Toronto art and design community, the OCAD Student Union is represented by its subsidiary, Xpace Cultural Centre. Xpace Cultural Centre is a membership driven artist‐run centre dedicated to providing emerging and student artists with the opportunity to showcase their work in a professional setting.The OCAD Student Union is committed to ensuring that the OCAD University campus and broader OCAD U community are inclusive spaces where all members are treated with respect and dignity.


Our by-laws are the rules that, along with our mandate, provide us the guidelines for ensuring that we are acting in the best interests of OCAD U students.


The commitments of the OCAD Student Union to its diverse membership are: to advocate to enhance the student learning experience, provide useful and accessible services, and to represent students at OCAD U in its administrative capacity.

2023/24 OCAD Student Union Team

How to Find Us

Email us at if you have any questions!