Current opportunities

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Board of Directors

The Student Union Board of Directors is made up of 11 voting members elected into their positions either during the main election held annually at the end of April, or if the position is still vacant, then during our by-elections, held annually in October.


Campaigns and Action Committee

The Campaigns and Action Committee determine and execute relevant campaigns surrounding student issues, social justice, decolonization, anti-racism, sustainability and any other concerns that are aligned with the OCAD Student Union mandate and mission. The Campaigns and Action Committee is both a consulting body and working group (when necessary), able to carry out the work of the committee on campus or externally

Graduate Caucus

The Graduate Studies Caucus acts as a liaison and consulting body in regards to student concerns and curricula between the SU, all graduate students, and the Graduate Program Chairs and Coordinators. The Graduate Student Caucus surveys program-specific concerns through a questionnaire on a semester basis, and relays those findings to the OCAD Student Union, the Dean of Graduate Studies, program directors and any other relevant channels when applicable. The Caucus meets three times in the academic year.

Undergraduate Caucus

The Undergraduate Caucus acts as a liaison and consulting body in regards to student concerns and curricula between the SU, All undergraduate students, and the nineteen program chairs. The Caucus members are responsible for meeting with the Program Chairs within their faculty and create a report based on their feedback. The Undergraduate Caucus will meet once per semester to discuss general and program specific feedback from students and each program Chair.


Students pay into their membership via Ancillary Fees to the University which are then passed on to the OCAD Student Union. Membership grants members access to services and programs administered by the OCAD SU and all of the rights and responsibilities to participate in the decision making and development of the OCAD SU through voting power during our Annual and/or Special General Meetings. General Members of the OCAD SU are any OCAD University student currently registered for a minimum of .5 credits per academic year. Political Members of the OCAD SU are individuals who were enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program during the Corporation’s previous fiscal year.

Student Groups

Special-interest student groups allow interaction among students, support faith and culture, and create an atmosphere of diversity while encouraging self-development, social responsibility and environmental awareness.