About SU


The commitments of the OCAD Student Union to its diverse membership are: to advocate to enhance the student learning experience, provide useful and accessible services, and to represent students at OCAD U in its administrative capacity.
Working under principles of equity, social justice, and anti-oppression, we will directly address issues of oppression and discrimination in order to change and break down oppression on campus. Many systemic inequalities affect how students from equity seeking groups access and navigate post-secondary education, and we are committed to working internally and externally to eliminate systemic barriers at OCAD University. Within this framework, the objectives of the Student Union are to administer the affairs of OCAD University students including:

  1. The investigation of any matter or problem that may arise concerning the student body, especially those concerning students who face systemic inequalities.
  2. The development, enforcement, and revision of policies governing the student body.
  3. The promotion of students’ educational, cultural, social, professional, political, and recreational activities at OCAD U.
  4. To develop and manage services, campaigns, and activities which promote social justice, sustainability, provide for student well-being, and enhance the educational and creative environment at the University.
  5. To provide students with an effective role in democratic, engaged, and transparent decision-making at the University and to support them in bringing social change.
  6. To represent the student body officially in communicating, consulting and negotiating with: the Faculty Association, OPSEU Staff Association, University Administration, and Governing Council, the general public, other educational institutions, and all levels of government.
  7. To administer the business interests, assets, or funds generated by the Union in a professional manner for the benefit of the OCAD Student body.
  8. To be responsible for the execution of the OCAD Student Union Bylaws and Policies

Safer Space Mandate


We ask all people who enter the SU to be respectful and non-discriminatory towards all staff and students in the space. We ask you to check your assumptions at the door and to be reminded that violent, discriminatory or harmful behaviour will not be tolerated. As the SU office is a safe space for all members, OCAD U security is not permitted.
A “SAFE(R) SPACE” is a space that has been declared free of all types of violence and harassment, including but not limited to sexual assault, non-consensual behaviour or attitudes, being intolerant of someone’s religious or political beliefs (or lack of), racism, sexism, gender discrimination, homophobia, queerphobia, ableism, heterosexism, cissexism, or any other behaviour or language that may perpetuate oppression or discrimination. It is declared as an open and accepting space, and therefore will facilitate feelings of safety for any person who enters it.
Anyone can set-up a safe space on campus to discuss complicated, personal or political topics and situations. Designate an area that is accessible to all folks participating. Lay some ground rules together that will ensure the freedom and safety for all to attend, and participate without having to face harassment and discrimination.


  1. Be respectful of each other
  2. Keep the space accessible and welcoming
  3. Be open to all levels of knowledge
  4. Listen in an open and reflective manner
  5. Do not speak for others in the space
  6. Take responsibility for your privilege