Food Services Coordinator

Marine is facing towards the camera wearing a white tank top and her wavy brown/reddish hair down. She has nose piercings on both sides, spacers and two black studded dermal piercings on her right cheekbone.

My name is Marine Musaelyan and I am the Food Services Coordinator for the Student Union . My pronouns are she/her and I am a second year Material Art and Design student, also monitoring in Photography. I am of Armenian/Russian ethnicity and I have been in Canada most of my life . I have been pursuing art since I was a child and find it to be a great opportunity to be able to come to OCADU. I am an active member of the school and I love interacting with students as well as the members of the faculty . I find it to be a great pleasure to be able to provide students with various food related services and am looking forward to continuing my work and education at this school.