Campaigns / Advocacy

A number of OCAD students and community members have come forward to the public with their own experiences of sexual violence within the University.

We are watching the consequences of OCAD U’s lack of preparation and ability to support student survivors, and are taking steps to ensure that OCAD U Administration actively and immediately support student survivors, and demand that the University provide an appropriate, transparent response.

OCAD U has failed to cultivate an environment that protects all students, and further fails our racialized members, at which gender based, sexual violence is disproportionately directed.

The Dandelion Initiative has created a book of resources for survivors with supports specific to Toronto and the GTA. A PDF version of this book can be found here. Additional support and services for survivors can also be found on their website, and survivors can also access the Student Wellness Centre for medical or counselling support.

OCAD SU’s programs and services are accessible to all students in need of support. Information and applications for the emergency fund for Black and Indigenous students, weekly Wellness Food Boxes program, emergency grocery gift cards, and our full COVID-19 toolkit can be found at the link in our instagram bio.

We expect many more disclosures in the coming weeks, and will be continuing to share supports and resources on our social media accounts and website.

Survivors who may need additional support with academic policies, appeals, or interpersonal issues with OCAD U Administration can email Khadija Farow, Manager of Advocacy Services at

To survivors in our community; we see you, we believe you, and we will always have your back.