Annual Event

O-DAYS! is an annual event at the beginning of the fall semester where new and returning students are welcomed to a fresh term at OCAD U through activities, workshops, and socials planned by the Student Union, Campus Life, and other university support and service units.

Table of Contents

The final workshop in our orientation art and design workshop series, will feature tips, tricks and skills by your fellow students and recent graduates! Our fourth workshop is Demystifying Critique with McKenna Gray!

These workshops will focus on using household materials or materials, software or skills that you may be required to use in your courses. They will cover a range of topics, teaching you art, design, presentation or writing tips and tricks that will be useful for you to know, and more.

McKenna Gray is a Toronto-based curator, critic, and activist whose methodology deliberately centres care. Originally pursuing graphic design, they transferred to OCADu’s Criticism and Curatorial Practices program after discovering a love of discussing arts and culture. McKenna believes that art is a powerful tool to understand ourselves and each other, as well as the ways in which history is shaped. Through academic research and community work, McKenna engages with vulnerable topics and populations to expand public understanding of equity and empathy, as well as critical thinking practices.