Annual Event

Winter Feast is an annual event at the end of the fall semester where students come together for music and performances; games, contests, and prizes; and a delicious dinner for all students to share. It is geared towards international students that could not go home for the holiday break.

Table of Contents

Winter Feast started in response to the volume of international students that could not go home for the holiday break. It offers an opportunity for OCAD students to come together to share food, stories, drinks, activities, traditions from home – and create a sense of community. Winter Feast happens every December around the last day of the Fall Semester.

Winter Feast 2021 was a success! The event was held on Thursday, December 16th, 2021 from 6-9pm EST in-person, and 6-7pm EST on Zoom.

This year we focused on having a safe and successful return to our in-person programming, while also keeping everything accessible for students by running an online component. As in previous years, we focused our outreach towards International students, and creating a community for those who either couldn’t attend school in person, or those who were in Toronto and unable to go home for the holidays. To ensure the event was inclusive of all backgrounds, the attendees were encouraged to contribute songs from their home countries to a collective playlist that we played at the event. We also made our Kahoot game specifically about “winter” trivia, so anyone would be able to answer the questions.