Director of Operations

Sina Hojatzadeh is a passionate Environmental Design: Interior Design student. Dedicated to making a positive impact on the OCADU community, Sina previously joined the OCAD Student Union as the Hot Lunch Coordinator. In that role, he worked closely with the Hot Lunch team, and tirelessly had 4600 servings throughout the academic year. To support students beyond food security, he rejoined the Student Union as the Executive Director of Operations.

Recognizing the importance of providing comprehensive support to students, Sina actively sought opportunities to enhance their experience. His commitment and contributions led to his nomination for three awards and ultimately, he was honored with the Student Employee Excellence Award.

As a member of Senate Undergraduate Studies Committee, he actively participates in meetings where vital matters and plans are discussed. Through these experiences, Sina gained valuable insights into the challenges and concerns faced by students, fueling his desire to provide enhanced support.